Designing is hard

One of the biggest hurdles I face when developing is design. Not just the graphic design, but the functional design as well. Screen flows, consistency, maintaining clarity. The coding is the easy part. But I often need to refactor my coding several times as I discover that my functional design is too flawed for even […]

Try and …

People say and write they will “try and” do things. They shouldn’t. People should write and say they will “try to” do things. “Try to” implies success isn’t assured. But “try and” implies the person is both going to try, and then succeed, at doing something, at which point the “try” part becomes superfluous.

Whose fault is it anyway?

Fox News certainly is biased when it comes to politics, so it comes as no surprise they are critical of a new book from Clinton communications director. (Disclaimer, I haven’t read the book.) Whether the book is full of excuses or not, it’s time to acknowledge some crucial facts about what happened: The “fault” for the […]

What is a Liberal?

A Liberal should be open to giving multiple viewpoints fair consideration. When I was in college, in the aftermath of Dukakis being derided for being a “Liberal,” one article offered this sentiment in a set of pro-Liberal points that it declared should have been in Dukakis’ response. To me, a Liberal is, by necessity, a […]

Outdone by Trump

It has been a while since I posted. Trump is a special case. I have disagreed with many past presidents on policy. I agree with little Trump has done. But more than that, I just feel embarrassed by his presidency. His abject failure to show any quality that I admire just makes me sad. He […]